OpenNews invites you to reflect on caring as a practice.

Thank you, SRCCON:CARE

We’ve wrapped up this event, but you can still check out our program, all about care as a practice in journalism.

About our program

The Program (Thursday-Friday, December 8-9)

The SRCCON Slack (Tuesday-Tuesday, December 6-13)

Every SRCCON is a community. Our weeklong event Slack is a space to meet other attendees, share and discover projects, keep talking about sessions, and find emergent conversations. And when SRCCON is over, we’ll gather up links and trade contact info, then sign out till next year.


Join us for a chance to slow down and reflect on caring as a practice. Through two days of hands-on sessions and emergent conversations, we’ll delve into how that practice shows up in caring for each other as journalists and caring for our communities through the ways in which we create and disseminate journalism. We’ll discuss what we can learn from other fields and how we can set up our organizations to live out values of care.

Our hope is that creating a space for rest and care will also open up room for joy, imagination, inspiration, and transformative ideas for journalism. In closing, we’ll aim for every participant to walk away with a plan to build from these conversations, whether it be implementing an aspect of caring practice or making more space for joy or rest. Let us know how you’d like to participate.

Check out the list of accepted sessions and schedule for December 8-9.

Tickets & attending

Ticket prices will start at $75, plus ticketing fees. We’ll also offer a limited number of need-based, free scholarship tickets as well as $200 stipends for attendees whose time to attend would otherwise be uncompensated. To purchase a ticket, you’ll first need to fill out the call for participation, and then we’ll send a link to pick up your ticket.

This event will take place largely on Zoom, and we’re exploring other ways to help participants connect as well. The entire event will be covered under our code of conduct.

During SRCCON:CARE you can expect to:

We’re really excited about this chance to spend two days immersed in thinking and doing of care. If you have any questions about what to expect, please reach out to us.


The idea for this event grew from a community conversation. Special thanks to the folks and organizations who have been in conversation on this topic of care in journalism and brought it to SRCCON for consideration!

Here’s the full list:

About us

SRCCON events are produced by OpenNews. We connect a network of developers, designers, journalists, and editors to collaborate on open technologies and processes within journalism. OpenNews believes that a community of peers working, learning and solving problems together can create a stronger, more responsive, and inclusive journalism ecosystem. Incubated at the Mozilla Foundation from 2011-2016, OpenNews is now a project of Community Partners.

Help make SRCCON:CARE happen

We’re looking for sponsorship support to help make this inclusive, accessible event possible. If you or your company might be able to help, please check out our sponsorship details and email Erika Owens to talk options. Thanks!