SRCCON 2017 is coming.
August 3 & 4 in Minneapolis.

Two amazing days building better newsroom code, culture, and process—together.

This year SRCCON will return to the McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis Minnesota on August 3 & 4. We will have more than 50 sessions on a wide range of topics, from tech strategies to workplace culture struggles.

The 2017 schedule is now live!

If you’re preparing to attend, we have a bunch of details on the SRCCON logistics page. You can also take a look at reflections from prior SRCCON sessions in the SRCCON spotlight series on Source.

What is SRCCON like?

SRCCON is a hands-on conference, full of conversations and workshops focused on the practical challenges that news technology and data teams encounter every day. We work to make it an inclusive and welcoming event where people can feel comfortable digging into complex problems. Last year SRCCON included nearly 300 attendees and more than 50 sessions that covered a wide range of topics, from tech strategies to workplace culture struggles.

SRCCON 2016 highlights video, videography by Searle Video.

Who attends SRCCON

The majority of SRCCON participants are developers, designers, and data analysts who work in newsrooms. We also enthusiastically welcome attendees from closely allied fields like civic tech, mapping, open data, and others who are curious about journalism and excited to share their expertise at a journalism-centric conference.

Our participants represent organizations ranging from massive to tiny, and come from all over the US and many other countries. Each year, we particularly welcome journalists and allies from the city hosting SRCCON, and we’re working to build better remote-participation options for those who can’t attend in person.

Contact us

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SRCCON is produced by OpenNews, an organization built to connect a network of developers, designers, journalists and editors to collaborate on open technologies and processes within journalism.

The “src” in SRCCON stands for “Source,” as in “view source.” We pronounce it “Source-con,” but you can say it however you want.