SRCCON 2019 • July 11 & 12 in MPLS Apply to attend!


It’s important to us to keep SRCCON small enough to feel friendly and conversational, but we also care about getting the ideas and conversations that take place at SRCCON into the wider world. The most important way this happens is when attendees return to their home newsrooms and put their new skills and approaches to work, but we also document SRCCON as extensively as possible.

Our captioning team will transcribe about 16 sessions at SRCCON, with live streams available during the event and links to the archives posted here afterward.


In the leadup to SRCCON 2019, we’ll feature a selection of previews with session facilitators about the topics they’re bringing to this year’s event. You can keep up with the series on Source. After this year’s SRCCON, we’ll also publish a series of session summaries that dig into the things people learned during conversations and workshops.