Photo: Erik Westra

SRCCON 2018 • June 28 & 29 in Minneapolis

Everyone at SRCCON contributes to making it happen.

Participation at SRCCON

SRCCON is a hands-on conference, which means that everyone who attends actively participates throughout the event.

This year, we have a call for participation form to decide how we will allocate tickets for SRCCON. The form closed on April 20. We will review entries to our call for participation form and notify everyone before the end of April. If invited to attend, you will have the chance to purchase a ticket for $225, plus fees.

We keep the size of SRCCON intentionally rather small, 300 people this year, and we’ve experimented with different ways to allocate tickets over the last five years. This year, we’re trying a new approach with one form to tell us everything about how you’d like to participate, from bringing your experiences and expertise to hands-on sessions to applying for a scholarship.

This small size means that we have to be intentional about equitably distributing tickets and ensuring that there are a mix of perspectives and skills at SRCCON. Our call for participation form will help us understand who would like to take part in SRCCON and what you want to get out of it. With those responses, we’ll work to create a schedule and audience that reflects the dynamic interests and needs of this community.

Not Just Attendees, But Participants

At SRCCON, everyone participates in some way. Our hands-on sessions rely on participants who are ready to share their experiences and perspectives. Check out the session proposals we received this year.

Facilitators create space for in-depth conversations, design exercises, demos, and workshops, and participants bring questions and take ideas back to their newsrooms. In addition to sessions, folks help make SRCCON an inclusive, welcoming place by leading fun group activities like knitting or book clubs, volunteering, and saying hi to new potential friends and collaborators over meals and coffee/tea/hot beverages.

We’ll have a few questions for you about what you’d like to bring to SRCCON and what you’re hoping to take home with you. We look forward to seeing what ideas folks have and how we can make them possible during our two days together.

Facilitating Sessions

In previous years, session facilitators have made up more than a third of all SRCCON attendees. All of our sessions are peer-led by conference attendees–not “experts” that only show up for their session. Consider becoming a facilitator at SRCCON this year by learning more about sessions. You will be able to tell us all about your session idea on the call for participation form.

Welcome, First-timers

We think SRCCON is best when there’s a mix of folks new to SRCCON and veterans of the conference. And we want new folks to feel able to participate in whatever ways interest you. In reviewing forms, we will aim to have a healthy mix of newcomers and returning SRCCON participants. So SRCCON alums, you can put your name in without worrying that you’re taking a new attendee’s spot.

Financial & Family Assistance

We offered a limited number of travel scholarships to help people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend. The scholarship application is part of our call for participation form.

In addition to financial assistance, we know that making sure you have coverage for your children is important, so we also offer attendees free childcare run by providers we trust with our own kids. We’ll have more details about that soon, and there’s also a question on the form to let us know you’d like all the info about childcare.