Photo: Erik Westra

SRCCON 2019 • July 11 & 12 in MPLS Propose a session!

Everyone at SRCCON contributes to making it happen. Our call for participation form is open through April 24, with questions about participating, pitching a session, and applying for a scholarship.


SRCCON (a contraction of “Source con”) is a highly participatory and extraordinarily inclusive conference where participants come first so they can focus on collaborating on the work at hand: transforming the way journalism works for them, their colleagues, and their communities. About 1/3 of attendees are also session facilitators, leading conversations and collaborative workshops focused on the practical challenges that news technology and data teams encounter every day.

We welcome about 300 attendees, and everyone at SRCCON actively participates, whether they’re facilitating a session, contributing to a conversation over lunch, or meeting new colleagues and supporting their work. The entire structure of the event—from the venue to the program to the pace of our days—is set up to allow participants to get to know each other and learn from the wisdom in the room. We have smart sessions and hard conversations, but we also have long breaks, group meals, and social events that create space for the life side of our work.

What You Bring to SRCCON

What You Take Away from SRCCON

What It’s Like at SRCCON

How to Participate

Our call for participation form is open until April 24—it’s how you can pitch a session, apply for a ticket, or tell us you’d like to participate in some other way. Session pitches create a program that feels new for every SRCCON, and applications allow us to allocate tickets in an intentional way that equitably distributes attendance and ensures that there are a mix of perspectives and skills at the event. Our call for participation form helps us understand who would like to take part in SRCCON and what you want to get out of it. Everyone at SRCCON contributes to making it happen.